Automatic gear stick of a modern car. Modern car interior details. Close up view.
When your business is all about engine performance and price tag, it’s hard to find a new angle for competitive advantage. Our associates helped this luxury automotive brand to develop its business by moving by focusing on the customer experience. This included developing ways to leverage their showrooms and sales staff to engage customers in a different way.

B2B Products & Services

Preparing average sales report
An international leader in specialty tape products wanted to launch a sales efficiency/effectiveness programme to grow the top line of its European, African and Asian business.
Team of three co-workers in stylish studio
This European arm of a prestigious US management education institute, had earned itself a name for unique and exciting executive development courses you couldn't get anywhere else. But over the years, the company’s attractions had begun fade. With sales slowly declining, a change was necessary to avoid future problems.

Banking & insurance

man with umbrella
Most financial services brands talk big about customer-focus; some of them even mean it. But making it actually happen inside a business – among tens of thousands of employees across nine countries – is a serious challenge.
trader analyzing stock trading graph phone app
The word rebranding takes on a different dimension if it is wrapped in a merger of finance companies across 30 countries. Making it happen at this €500 bn AUM asset management firm, presented major challenges from regulators, customers and employees. Futurelab was brought in to manage all three aspects of an urgent, mission-critical change programme.


Pastel colors cosmetics. Beauty blogger concept
A luxury cosmetics brand wanted to establish a distribution based in Belgium, as a start for their European expansion.
Portrait of young brunette woman posing in studio near white wall
Imagine you start work as the first ever CMO of a cosmetics giant. A firm with billions in sales, dozens of brands and a presence in over 100 countries. Your task is to introduce a rigorous approach to marketing at group level and formulate a strategy that will put you ahead of your equally large, skilled competitors. Need a hand?


Level of quality service, satisfaction, customer loyalty concept
This Netherlands-based organization has a long history of innovation in consumer electronics, healthcare, lighting and personal care. But, the board understood this wouldn’t be enough. It embraced a multi-year strategy that would put customers at the heart of the business and make NPS the key non-financial metric for the company.

Food & Beverage

Female customer with cart in food store
A leading Greek FMCG company wanted to determine the optimal allocation of its marketing budget across a vast portfolio of brands.
Happy man having glass of beer in bar
Despite a 70% market share, this world-famous beer brand in Greece had a dangerous blind spot in digital. When their CMO contacted us, almost every Euro in the Greek marketing budget was still being spent on traditional media – resulting in rock bottom ROI. Our advisor had to fill in the knowledge gaps, bring the brand teams up-to-date and help them move forward into digital.
Fried savoury cottage cheese pies with minced meat on white boar
While already hugely successful in the bake-off bread and sweet pastries market, this Swedish-owned company realised that their lack of savoury products was limiting their growth potential. These experienced bakers would have found it easy to create a few panini and pizza slices and enter the market, tick the box. At Futurelab we don’t do tick-box exercises. We showed this client not how to enter the new market, but how to conquer it.
Colorful Lolly Pop Candy
A French confectionary group had just purchased a small Russian brand and wanted revise its advertising policy and agency mix.
Fresh yogurt. Breakfast with yogurt with fruits and berries. Healthy food concept
The Russian subsidiary of a global FMCG company wanted to grow sales through a more effective marketing mix.

Media & Publishing

Young woman working at desk in office
The CEE division of a leading magazine & media group wanted to encourage its national subsidiaries to innovate "beyond the magazine" and this way discover new business models and future sources of revenue.
Close up of letterboxes
With an 80% share of the market, this mail distribution company had worked hard to achieve its dominant position in Belgium. The company was keen not to lose momentum, but their near-monopoly situation offered limited capacity for growth. Especially in a market which was activitly migrating from paper distribution to digital. The management team asked Futurelab to show the way forward.
grey haired man reading newspaper during breakfast at morning
In a rapidly declining market, this US regional newspaper company had seen its revenues fall for several consecutive years and had already shut down dozens of unprofitable titles.
Woman with magazine in hands in office
A leading media house active in a Central European market needed a new strategic direction which would provide a new impetus for growth.
Social media
Despite a growing focus on digital, social media still presented a knowledge gap for this regional news organization. Still, to be able to compete, the group needed a clear way of connecting the social developments to their CRM strategy. They called Futurelab for information and inspiration.
Happy couple sitting in movie theater, watching 3D movie, eating popcorn
When you’re trying to figure out a tricky issue, sometimes all you need is to sit in a room for a day and gather your thoughts. Writing a growth plan while having just been acquired by a major customer, is such a time. So the CEO of this media company called Futurelab; he invited us to sit in that room with him.


Woman yelling into old-fashioned telephone receiver
This is the story of NPS in an emergency. You’re a young, well-liked, cheeky upstart brand. You’re famous for taking on new sectors and turning them upside down, challenging business models, prices and customer communications. You decide to enter the UK’s reviled cable TV, fixed line and broadband sector, with its reputation for appalling customer service. You’ve got one shot to rescue customer perception. You get NPS and you want got get it right.
Classic old car
This is a study in how to succeed with NPS in the face of scale and structural complexity. The client was a billion-dollar builder of diesel truck engines, operational in 120 countries, serving 22 market segments, through five business units and 300 hundred franchised repair centres. Results were notably patchy and overall NPS scores had started to stagnate. The Director of Customer Service Excellence asked our associate to review and refresh their worldwide NPS programme to reach all key pain points, deliver greater consistency and drive growth in strategic areas.


washing clothes in machine
A Greek electronics retail chain had high variations in sales results per store and per product line sold. The company wanted to understand "why" these variations were happening, and how it could overcome them in a positive manner.
Online shopping
Russia's largest internet retailer had attracted a lot of attention from Russian consumers and international investors. But as the company celebrated its hugely successful first decade of operations, shareholders began to expect a move into profit.
My wife's fashion accessories option for our dinner night 😊
A cooperatively owned trimmings and fashion accessories retailer had appointed a retail design agency for the redevelopment of their stores but wanted to make sure that the new designs also “made commercial sense”.


Mobile woman
A Belgian mobile operator wanted to increase and optimize customer interactions through virtual channels (mobile phone, web internet and automated tools in channels).
Asian man using his mobile phone.
Several countries in this global mobile telecommunications company had already launched customer-centricity initiatives. But the Group Head of CX realised this scattergun approach was inefficient. She asked Futurelab to harness the enthusiasm from the regional offices, facilitate an exchange of knowledge and align customer journeys across the organization.