Russian part of global FMCG

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Russian part of global FMCG

The Russian subsidiary of a global FMCG company wanted to grow sales through a more effective marketing mix.


The complexity and sheer amount of available sales, marketing and research data made it almost impossible to see the links between money spent and money made.


Our associate lead a team conducting a detailed analysis of all marketing mix components and their sales impact sales. This involved:

  • Collecting, organising and analysing data on media spend, sales, brand & advertising awareness, …
  • (re)Constructing and developing econometric models which connected sales results to ad awareness, brand awareness, image parameters, distribution, promos, …
  • Working with additional partners to run simulations using these econometric tools.
    This lead to a 90%+ accurate picture of how different advertising efforts influenced the sales and how they worked.

The result was a toolset allowing the company to simulate and forecast the short and long term results of various marketing mix scenarios. Today, this has made marketing an active part of sales and commercial planning.


Marina Natanova