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Young woman working at desk in office
The CEE division of a leading magazine & media group wanted to encourage its national subsidiaries to innovate "beyond the magazine" and this way discover new business models and future sources of revenue.
Close up of letterboxes
With an 80% share of the market, this mail distribution company had worked hard to achieve its dominant position in Belgium. The company was keen not to lose momentum, but their near-monopoly situation offered limited capacity for growth. Especially in a market which was activitly migrating from paper distribution to digital. The management team asked Futurelab to show the way forward.
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In a rapidly declining market, this US regional newspaper company had seen its revenues fall for several consecutive years and had already shut down dozens of unprofitable titles.
Woman with magazine in hands in office
A leading media house active in a Central European market needed a new strategic direction which would provide a new impetus for growth.
Social media
Despite a growing focus on digital, social media still presented a knowledge gap for this regional news organization. Still, to be able to compete, the group needed a clear way of connecting the social developments to their CRM strategy. They called Futurelab for information and inspiration.
Happy couple sitting in movie theater, watching 3D movie, eating popcorn
When you’re trying to figure out a tricky issue, sometimes all you need is to sit in a room for a day and gather your thoughts. Writing a growth plan while having just been acquired by a major customer, is such a time. So the CEO of this media company called Futurelab; he invited us to sit in that room with him.