CEE media group

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CEE media group

The CEE division of a leading magazine & media group wanted to encourage its national subsidiaries to innovate “beyond the magazine” and this way discover new business models and future sources of revenue.


Because of the company’s dedication to the autonomy of its entities, the innovation drive could not be “prescribed”. It had to emerge organically.


With the group’s strategy office we set up a meeting with the general managers of all markets. Using Futurelab Research inspiration papers, we showed them the opportunities for innovation that were untapped and their potential value. Based on this, we asked their permission to approach their national teams with similar suggestions.

This permission was obtained and resulted in a series of work-sessions where local teams were encouraged to identify new product opportunities. Project champions were then appointed to bring them to market fruition in which they received support through regular Futurelab market visits and remote input.

In the first year of the programme this resulted into hundreds of opportunities of which a focused group has already been introduced into the market, some quite succesfully. At the time of writing this case, the programme is entering its second year in which Futurelab’s role is ongoing.


  • Alain Thys
  • Stefan Kolle