Our philosophy

Who we are

The leading European specialist in Customer Experience

Since 2003, we are the leading European specialist in the field of Customer Centricity and Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Architects

We help you dream, design, launch and implement your CX program – just like an architect helps a client to dream, design and create a new building.

Passionate pragmatists

We get on board, roll up our sleeves, and drive your people and processes to deliver great CX. We do it with insightful questions, straightforward talk, motivating spirit, and a fair deal of good humour. Our style can be described as ‘Cut the Crap’ – focus on the essence.

We are consultants and researchers

Our consultancy and research departments work together to develop customer strategies, draw customer insight from data, design better products and services based on it, and create pragmatic ways to improve experiences along the whole journey.

Broad Experience

Our core competencies lie in Automotive, Financial, and Telecom industries, with some healthy addition of Lifestyle. Our recent focus has been on helping B2B companies make their products and services better.

Why choose us

Customer centricity

Futurelab is Europe’s premier customer centricity experience consultancy. We help our clients to profitably manage and improve their customers’ experience and journeys, develop compelling new value propositions, organise their business and culture in a customer-centric way and transform digitally.

When working in these domains we always aim to be inspiring, surprising and meaningful. And above all, we make sure that anything we talk about can actually be implemented in your business.

Who we work for

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