Social CRM in regional news (NL)

Social media

Social CRM in regional news (NL)

Despite a growing focus on digital, social media still presented a knowledge gap for this regional news organization. Still, to be able to compete, the group needed a clear way of connecting the social developments to their CRM strategy. They called Futurelab for information and inspiration.

Like all media companies, this Dutch news publisher was facing tough challenges; advertising revenues had dropped dramatically since the start of the recession. Senior management team had made significant progress on a CRM strategy; they came to Futurelab to see how social media could boost progress and translate these insights into a social CRM (SCRM) strategy.

A new perspective on what you already have

Futurelab advisers are experts in deconstructing your business; we identify your strongest assets and show you how the pieces could fit together in an exciting new way to meet the demands of the future. In this client’s case, we focused on social media initiatives that would capitalize on three core strengths:

1. A wide subscriber base
2. Strong community relationships
3. Established trust with customers

Sometimes one day is all you need

We packed our research and recommendations into an intensive one-day Inform and Inspire seminar with the CRM team. First we explained the key trends, developments and challenges involved in social media. In the Inspiration session we presented 20 specific ideas for how the company could bring social media into its CRM mix. We included introductory, intermediate and advanced level steps for a gradual, manageable integration. The team went on to develop a detailed work plan, showed it to us for review and successfully obtained sign-off from the CMO.

If you would like to see how a day of information and inspiration could take your CRM to the next level, please get in touch.


  • Stefan Kolle
  • Jan Van Aken