Belgian mobile operator

Mobile woman

Belgian mobile operator

A Belgian mobile operator wanted to increase and optimize customer interactions through virtual channels (mobile phone, web internet and automated tools in channels).


There was no formal coordination on these topics within Marketing or the company at large.


An e-strategy program sponsored by Marketing, Sales and Customer Service became the cornerstone of all e-strategy initiatives. Our associate lead a team which :

  • mapped all customer interactions
  • documented their underlying data/systems
  • built a reference customer journey for all channels
  • embedded this journey into a 3 year KPI-driven e-strategy
  • designed a corporate IT architecture (SOA) to support it
  • translated this architecture into a 3 year IT roadmap
  • aligned each IT project to corporate priorities/budgets
  • project managed each initiative to completion
  • aligned Sales, Marketing & Service around the process

Today, the project has been completely integrated in the regular workings of the business and responsibilities have been distributed to relevant departments.


Laurent Bouty