From worthless to priceless: Transforming your Contact Centre into a Customer Value Centre

From Contact centre to Customer Value Centre: read our new opinion paper. As we are not at the CCW, please watch also our webinar!

Dear Reader,

We at Futurelab tend to have strong beliefs – and we are usually not afraid to voice them. One of those beliefs is that, despite the advances of recent decades, humans must remain the alpha and omega of any technological innovations.

We talk about customer-centricity because it is about putting that particular type of human in the centre of attention – the one buying and or using our products. And in our view, the humans first principle must go even further; to the other human in this story: the employee. Research consistently shows that unhappy employees cannot deliver good customer experience. And dissatisfied customers definitely lead to unhappy employees: the best and most engaged service agents become despondent after being yelled at by customer after customer.

Understanding the needs of these two humans on the different side of the counter, helping them smoothly go through a transaction and form a positive relationship is what drives loyalty, growth, and long-term profits. The new contact centre technologies such as omnichannel, AI, predictive analytics, and cloud solutions can support this journey. A new organisation will emerge from this combination: a Customer Value Centre, where technology helps humans to establish, maintain, and grow value both the customers and for the company.

This is already a massive step away from the perception of contact centres as cost centres or even loss-makers. The point of this exercise is not just to make the world a happier place: it is to see the return on your investment into Customer and Employee Experience. Although the concept of the Return on Experience (ROX) is relatively new, it has a promise to become one of the core KPIs for the organisations, alongside the ROI of marketing. Everyone has an anecdotal proof that going good for the customers and employees helps the healthy growth of the company – now we’ll be able to prove it.

Over the next months, we will bring you several pieces of content about CX, EX and the ROX in the context of different industries (e.g. how to calculate your ROX, how to get the most out of your Voice of the Customer programme, and more). Do let us know if there is anything you would like to know more about or have a look at many of our past presentations and videos.

Please enjoy this whitepaper and the video where we go into the numbers behind the opinion and show pragmatic first steps you can take to drive your ROX by putting the human in the middle.

Download your copy of the whitepaper here

Stefan Kolle & Marina Natanova