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“Think in value chains.”

Remember last week’s tire company? During our customer journey project for them, we realised that their success heavily depended on the vast network of “indirect” customers. Like many manufacturers, they work with importers, distributors, service points, and other retail partners who ultimately deliver customer experience. But customers may not be aware of this, so if they have a bad experience, they may blame the brand, not the shop. It was vitally important to involve all of them, irrespective of size: both large scale distributors and mom-and-pop shops. But did we know if they were delivering good experiences? And did we enable them and provide them with what they needed to do so?

To start answering these questions, we interviewed everyone in the chain to see how we could support them. One of the great ideas coming out of this exercise was to supply the small shops with better planning and management software. While they were not exclusively tied to this brand, the simple fact that we understood their needs and helped them run their business better made them more likely to recommend our brand. We helped them be more customer centric, and…I already told you about the doubling of the share price last time.

How do you deal with your value chain?