Free Breakfast Session: NPS Programmes done right: To win loyal customers and profit!

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Net Promoter Programs (or other Voice of the Customer approaches) have already become an integral part of operations for many companies. See how you can use NPS to win the best customers and to achieve the highest financial results for your business. Because without satisfied customers there is no successful service!

We have experienced this many times with our customers and we know that focusing the business on the customer is always a challenge. But we’ll be happy to help you with the optimization and turn you into the business your customers love.

We will share with you our best tips for customer orientation, feedback, surveys and many more. Because we strongly believe that positive experience increases the likelihood that customers will re-purchase or re-recommend your service or product.

We will show you how you can learn from the best – our customers, and we will share the recipes for success of industry leaders such as Mercedes, Weber, Toyota and many others.

Take part in our NPS Breakfast Session and learn the following and more:

  • How to start small and get quick results (and pick up the rest of the organization)
  • How to turn research results into actions that lead to more loyal customers and higher profits
  • How to replace expensive market research with a lean NPS program and get usable results right from the start

Have we grabbed your interest? If yes, and you want to know when we are in Munich or Hamburg, click here, for Belgium here. Lastly, if you are in Frankfurt or Berlin and you are interested, then send us a private message here and we’ll let you know when the next session will take place in your city.

Reserve a seat now! 

If you are not in Belgium or Germany but would be interested, please let us know and we will see if we can organize a session in your city!