Futurelab’s Blog is one of the Top 75 Customer Experience Blogs

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For one more year our Blog is selected to be part of the top 75 Customer Experience Websites and Blogs, which should be followed. This year we are happy to be at the 43rd place and in the company of so many other amazing professionals. 

The list is created from 25 experts from Feedspot. Their mission is to discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels in different categories and help users identify the real valuable content on the web. The websites are ranked based on a couple different criteria, like relevancy, freshness of the published content, social media followers and engagement, age, domain authority and more. 

The top 3 blogs this year are:

If you are working in the customer experience field, I will strongly encourage you to subscribe if not for all blogs, at least for half of them. They regularly publish amazing and practical content with many best practices and advice you can use to stay relevant in this world of constantly changing client expectations and the raising customer satisfaction levels the companies try to reach. 

If you are seeking for some more inspiration, please visit our Video and Presentations hub page. There you will find a lot of our recent webinars and research.