Announcing the FWW: Futurelab Weekly Webinar

We are proud and happy to announce the launch of the Futurelab Weekly Webinar. As we have accumulated so many insights, cases and presentations over the past 17 years of customer strategy, CX, VoC and EX consultancy, we thought it’s about time to really start sharing that content – every Tuesday at 12.30 CET, so it’s a nice half hour during your lunch break.

We have given plenty of presentations and webinars in the past, (many of which you can find here), but it was always a one-off event. Now we want to establish a rhythm – every Tuesday around lunchtime (depending on where you are) you can find half an hour of fresh content. And of course, if you can’t make it to the webinar itself, you can check out the recording afterwards (or ask us for it)

We will start off with a whole cycle around our CCC-model. You may have seen the paper in which we introduced this model – which helps you set up your VoC-programme (and by extension your CX programme) for success. We also organized a webinar around that. However, one webinar (even of an hour, which is pretty long) is not enough to cover that matter, by far.


So we have decided to break it down into its components and dive into each of them a bit deeper. Over the next 3 months we will have the following webinars:

  1. Introduction to the series, a quick overview of the CCC Model
  2. Core: How to start the process and establish who/when/what/how you will ask
  3. Core: Choosing the right system/approach for your VoC programme
  4. Core: What metrics are available, and how do you pick the right ones
  5. Creating Value: Closing the loop to improve CX
  6. Creating Value: How to use insights to drive your marketing and sales
  7. Creating Value: Improving operational efficiency to increase your ROX
  8. Capturing Value: The value of CX and recommendation
  9. Capturing Value: Developing a pragmatic ROX & Business Model
  10. Capturing Value: What are the right KPIs?
  11. Communicating Value: Ensuring all stakeholders are Willing, Skilled and Able
  12. Communicating Value: Creating a communication plan for the rest of the organisation
  13. Communicating Value: Convincing the C-level and other silos


After we are through with this list, we will start working on other topics, like our CX challenges report, our automotive whitepaper or our contact center whitepaper. Also, we will run most of these webinars in German too. Watch this space.

We hope to see you for the kick-off, and of course also for many of the other webinars.

Keep an eye on our planning and register here.

If you need support in establishing your VoC or CX programme, let’s have a call.

We have done it many times before and can help you make fast and sensible choices. We have best practices, and we have seen worst practice. We have experienced it all and have the fitting models, frameworks, examples – and stories. Whether you need to develop a global CX strategy and fast-track it into roll-out, or you need an up and running VoC programme in a few weeks or even days, We can help you make decisions quickly as we have fitting scenarios for you based on our experience. We can then help you implement equally quickly through small and accountable projects that drive quick wins.