Customer Experience Challenges 2020

In February & March 2020 we ran research amongst CX professionals, to find out what their biggest challenges were. We wanted to take the pulse of the CX community. So we reached out to 144 CX professionals recruited via LinkedIn Survey question: What are the main obstacles on the path towards improved customer experience (CX)? Data collection finished before the COVID-19 outbreak to exclude its impact on the survey results. Additionally we held 18 individual interviews with current and past clients to add their insights.

We have now finished the report and are proud to share it with you.

Some key insights:

  • It remains a problem to get buy-in from the rest of the organization
  • This is partially due to the tendency of many organisations over-estimating their own maturity when it comes to CX
  • Moving from concept to implementation – and driving action – is the main barrier to reach the next level
  • Showing the ROI of CX Programmes remains key – but is also seen as a struggle
  • And finally – almost all CX Managers suffer from these issues – and most think their struggle is unique

In response to your pain points we have defined a few clear steps that every CX professional should take. We have identified them per stage of maturity as a guiderail for you. 

Have a look at the report, find out that others share your pain, and let us know what you think of the remedies we offer.

Watch also the webinar, on which we have presented the report.