Introducing our new product: Net Promoter as a Service (or Outsourced NPS, if you wish)

Implementing a Net Promoter System® or any other Voice of the Customer programme can be difficult. You think of just starting to ask a few questions and nudging a few people in the right direction. It seems fairly easy in the beginning, but then things start to get complicated. You need to spend time setting things up, invest into technology, and keep on putting effort and internal resources even after the launch.

No wonder so many companies in the age of lean and agile have been postponing any investment in that area for years, or have not started their implementation. Choosing technology alone is a daunting task. On the one hand you have fast, cheap and simple do-it-yourself services. They offer great value for money – if you know what you are doing, and have the capacity to deal with the results, all by yourself. On the other hand the market offers full scale implementations with dedicated platforms. They provide a complete solution with action management, role-based reporting, customisable dashboards, the works. But they all take substantial investment to be set up and managed, and constantly require internal resources. Given the time needed for the setup it can take months before you get any actionable results.

All of this leaves a fair share of companies with an unfulfilled wish to do NPS; unable to even start with it because of time or money constraints. So after years of seeing Net Promoter programmes die before even being launched we feel it is time for a smart solution: NPS as a service. It is a subscription-based service for those who need the completeness and potential of a full platform, but don’t have the time or resources to manage this internally.

Outsourced NPS means that for a fixed (small) amount per month we will take care of everything NPS for you. We manage your surveys, analyse the results, and make sure you get clear and actionable insights. And if necessary you can even have one of our specialists support you on a regular basis, from one day a week onwards. No headache, no hidden costs. Just results and actions.

Please find below and on our website the SlideShare presentation where we lay out the full approach. Let us know what you think, and give us a call if you want to discuss how we could set up the outsourced NPS programme for you.

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Watch this space – later this week we will start a series of videos with tips and tricks on how to launch your own programme.