OXO – So Glad You Are Still Around but Wish You Had More Competition

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Way back in 2003 I wrote my first blog post about OXO – a company that was all about universal design and that built products that could be used by as many people as possible. In the company’s own words that means designing products for young and old, male and female, lefties and righties and many with special needs. 

Last week I was learning how to cook a better risotto at a cookery class at my local Waitrose supermarket when I discovered this marvellous measuring jug. Needless to say that ALL the people on the course were 60+ and all loved this jug.

What a marvellous idea. Rather than having to lift the jar or bend to look at the liquid levels you can keep the jug on flat and look down. This got me thinking.

It is sad that I still read article that are forced to quote OXO as a company that ‘gets’ the need to take account of physiological ageing. By now we should have lots and lots of examples but unfortunately we don’t. Now this must be good news for OXO but it is a sad reflection on the design world that it has been so slow to respond to the all too predictable changing needs of consumers.

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