Really, You Do Control the Message

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Earlier today, Giuseppe Pacheco Tweeted “You No Longer Control Your Company’s Brand” with a link to You No Longer Control Your Company’s Brand | Spin Sucks. BTW, I responded to Giuseppe right away with a link to one of my earlier posts about this topic and I follow him, so I usually like his links.

Now, you know how I feel about this “you’re not in control anymore” blah, blah, blah conversation. I don’t buy it. I think we’re still behaving like consumers and companies are still behaving like companies. Sure, there’s always exceptions to the rules, but outside of SM superstars, I’m not sure that the average person is really seeing a big change in how companies are operating.

While reading around the blogs this AM, I also came across this very fun post from The Ad Contrarian: It’s A Wonderful World with this:

It’s obvious. They have to advertise. Advertising is what you have to do when you’re failing.

This is because the internet has created a new species of human being. And these new human beings live in a wonderful world in which they have relationships with all the companies that make the products they use.

And the only time companies need to advertise to these people is when that relationship is broken and failing.

And you know what I really love? The irony that most people writing about this new world order, do so using an Apple computer. A brand that not only advertises a lot, but does very little in the way of social media they all talk about. They very much control their message. Do you remember what happened when the new iPhone was leaked? The iPhone Leak Gets Ugly: Police Raid Gizmodo Editor’s House, Confiscate Computers. That’s a company that wants to control its message.

Sure, we all like to complain about companies. We like to use Twitter and our blogs and whatever to complain. But none of that is new. In fact, most of what’s happening right now isn’t new. We just like to think it is because who wants to talk about old things, right? As I say, those that don’t know history are destined to think everything they do is new.

As I wrote in Everything Old Is New Again, this is just another part of the cycle that we go through. Advertising joined the industrial revolution in the mid-50’s (maybe earlier, but I’m starting with TV) and now, maybe we’re heading back to the pre-industrial days. The days when it was really all about the brand experience that a company delivered.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that you still control your message. People amplify the message you start. Start with a great message and that’s what people will amplify. Have a bad message and that’s what they’ll pass along.

But pretending that you don’t have any control over the message is just being lazy. It means that you’re not going to try to craft a better message or experience. It means that you’re going to let someone else do your job. That’s not a really good way to keep your job, is it?

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