I'm Crowdsourcing My Book, Flipped

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by: John Winsor

In 2004, Beyond the Brand was published. At the time, I wanted to title the book, Co-Creation. The publisher said that co-creation would never be a sticky term. So, they named the book Beyond the Brand. While the book got some great momentum and a good following it never really took off as much as we wanted it to.

I was excited when Agate, decided to publish our new book, Baked In, which is coming out this fall. At the same time, Doug, Eileen and the Agate folks wanted to republish Spark and, Beyond the Brand with a twist. Instead of republishing Beyond the Brand, we’ve taken the book down to its core ideas around co-creation. As one of the first books to talk about co-creation, we’re renaming the book Flipped: How Bottom-Up Co-creation is Replacing Top-Down Innovation to better reflect it’s content. I’m really excited about the new name and format. It is much more inline with Spark and Baked In.

Since Flipped is five years old I’ve needed to update a lot of things. Co-creation, and its child, crowdsourcing, have made a huge impact on the way business works in the last few years. My sense is that we’re only at the beginning.

To get the point across about the power of co-creation, I’ve decided to crowdsource both editing and examples for the book. I invite you to participate in this experiment. I’ve placed the whole manuscript on a wiki and invite you to participate in the creation of Flipped.

The only instructions I have are: 1. go to the wiki: here and insert you’re email. I’ll get a notice and then approve you as a writer. 2. Then you can start having fun. Add comments, examples and what ever else you think will make Flipped a better book.

As a reward, I’ll include you as a co-author in Flipped.

This is an experiment, so let’s take a journey together and see how well this works.

Thanks for your help.

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