E-Book Available on Selling through the Slump (I contributed)

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by: John Caddell

I was honored to contribute to a new e-book, “Selling Through A Slump” (free-registration required). Some of my favorite people (and friends of this blog), such as Dave Stein and Jill Konrath, also contributed.

It’s organized by industry and covers 11 industry groups, including health care (Anneke Seley), insurance (Mike Wise), services (Jill Konrath) and telecom (yours truly).

One of my favorite experiences during this project was polling the best salespeople* I know to get their viewpoints on the question. Their contributions greatly improved the chapter and I thank them very much for sharing their expertise.

*Robert Wiesheu, Brent Harris, Jeff Fraser, Bill Rogers and Ford Harding

Download “Selling Through A Slump” (registration required)

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