Survey: Help Us Better Meet Your Business Travel Needs

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by: Alain Thys

You’ll hear more in the months to come, but at Futurelab we’re hooking up with Ad!dict Creative Lab, a think-tank which brings together about 4,000 creatives from around the world on innovation and design challenges that need a broader perspective. And as a first joint step, we’re co-operating on a project to "make business travel easier and more enjoyable". And for that, we’d like your support.

If you click here , you can find a very short survey about your likes and dislikes of business travel. This will be used as input to the Ad!dict creative community who will start coming up with wild, wonderful, artistic and also useful concepts to make collecting airmiles and sleeping in another bed a more agreeable activity than it is today. You can already find some first ideas on this page of when scrolling down on the survey link. 

As a warning for the more rationally minded – this is concept work, so it may take a while before thoughts pop up on your luggage 🙂