Best Practices

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by: Sigurd Rinde

[Warning, I’ve been here before but some things are persistent so I have to repeat, sorry]

Skidded over to the website of one of the large enterprise software companies today to check some new stuff they’re launching.

And lo and behold, they’re still pushing

best practices.

Now, who the heck wants that?

To copy somebody else’s practices is still copying and thus following. That’s certainly not the recipe for winning.

Is it me or do people actually value the security of aspiring to be next best, at best, more than becoming the best?

Then let’s add insult to injury, Michael Porter argues that a true strategy must contain: "how are you going to be different from your competition?"

How are you going to be different if you copy somebody else?

In sum, the client mass of the largest purveyors of enterprise software, probably the crop of the world’s largest enterprise have no strategy and are aspiring to be followers.

How’s that for huge open doors in the competitive landscape!

[Note: Still wonder why I’m tinkering with thingamy… 🙂 ]