Some Research about Travel and the 50-plus

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by: Dick Stroud

Research (from Alliance & Leicester) has looked at the goals and ambitions of the UK’s 50 plus and shows that travel is at the top of their agenda. Over half (54%) want to travel more regularly and to long-haul destinations and a further (22%) want a “once in a lifetime holiday” in the next decade.

Travel even takes priority over spending more time with friends and family (48%), getting fit (37%), and finding a healthier way of life (31%).

Australia and New Zealand are top of the list of travel hotspots, with 26% wanting to visit down under, followed by countries in Europe (21%) and the USA (9%).Those wanting to see a bit more is a lowly 8%.

This research doesn’t make any distinction between ‘want’ and ‘intend’. I think all you can take from it is that travel is important – but then we already knew that!

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