Interesting Snippets: The Book

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by: Lynette Webb

Ta da… after a stupidly long delay, finally the book is ready. 🙂

Ironically the hold up wasn’t getting the content together, it was finding a cover image and binding that I liked – it took me 3 goes to get right!

It contains highlights from the first year of this slide-set, tarted up a little (matching fonts, colours)… You can see a preview and order a copy here:

The price is £10, which covers Lulu’s charge for publishing (£8.61) plus an additional £1.39 which I’m donating to the Battery Hen Welfare Trust, one of my favourite UK charities. (

Thanks to everyone who asked me to create this – I wouldn’t have got round to it otherwise, and I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out.

Thanks again too to everyone who let me use their images.

Now I have to get cracking on the slides for next years issue!

Lynette. 🙂

PS: If you’re look at the preview at Lulu’s site you’ll see the images look a bit pixelly – don’t worry, they come out great in the printed version. 

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