Rent A Mini

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by: Sebastian Campion

Not so long ago when browsing through a glossy Danish magazine (forgot which) I stumbled across an ad for RENT A MINI, a car-rental company based here in Copenhagen.

As the name suggests, the provider rents Minis only and the idea behind the concept is that renting a car should be easy, cool and relatively cheap at the same time. The cars can be booked online through a simple interface. Currently, the service is available in Copenhagen only, but the ambitious goal is to operate in all metropolises within the next five years.

RENT A MINI's website does not tell how closely affiliated they are to BMW, the manufacturer of Mini. They are probably not that close, but in any case, I am intrigued by the idea of a car-company that does not only produce cars but also design service-systems (car sharing/rental) as an alternative to individual ownership.

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