People Power Lands Hoff on #3

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 By: Alain Thys

I promise this is the last time I post about our Knight Rider, yet as the project Hoff Alert had now managed to land this most unlikely of musical heroes on the number 3 spot in the UK, I just had to find out who was behind it. Was it really a bunch of fans who got together ? Or was it an innovative ploy by a record company executive looking for a fast buck ?

It turns out the unlikely Hoff Alert was a (mildly beer inspired) plan hatched in a pub by three twenty-something friends who were thinking about how we could use the internet to make funny/daft things happen.  

Jon Drysdale, Michael Chadwick (who work in advertising) and David Hart (a computer expert) thought that trying to get an unlikely song into the charts would be something to try and do. The Hoff seemed to be the obvious choice because "everybody loves him".

So the goal became to get the Hoff to number 1, and also to "show how ‘people power’ can work", with everyone coming together to make something big like this happen, which would normally be in the hands of record companies. They made it to number 3, yet in my opinion they did make their point.

And on the obvious questions:

  • they are not associated to record companies or David Hasselhoff
  • they have not yet had the pleasure of meeting (or hearing) from the Hoff
  • and yes, they have more plans to harness the people power yet these stay under wraps (only fact is that they don’t involve Hasselhoff. Or Mr T or Chuck Norris for that matter.
Pity, I always kinda’ liked Mr. T …
Good job guys!