Hoff Alert: Consumers Play the Hitparade

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By: Alain Thys

Last August I posted about a bunch of guys who are trying convince enough people to purchase a Hoff single on iTunes to bring our Knight Rider to the Top of the UK hitparade.  Today The Hoff Alert is launched in which over 40,000 emails are sent to those who have registered with the site to go out and buy David Hasselhoff's "Jump in My Car" from 7 Digital or iTunes.If 25,000 of them actually live up to their pledge of buying the song, this should land The Hoff in the UK top ten.

While the artistic merits of the song are debatable (I think it's so camp it's good)  I'm especially interested in the outcome of this experiement.  To my knowledge, it's the first time that fans band together to "play the hitparade", bringing back an artist many of us know, yet without the heavy promotional support by the record companies.

If you feel like joining in the fun, Hoff along (make sure to buy it in the UK though, otherwise it won't count).  Alternatively, keep watching the space, as if they pull it of, this could be a quite interesting demonstration of consumer power.