Epicenter Reconfigures the 'Mall' Concept

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by: Alain Thys

Luxury Mall Developer Gordon Group is definitely credited by pushing the edges of mall retailing, with the development of its new Epicenters which it plans to open in Columbus Ohio, near the end of 2006.

In stead of stocking stores with all the merchandise and having customers carry around the products they buy, each visitor is requested to register his credit card information on what is described as a BuyPod.  This is a small device (not unlike an iPod) which customers can then use to scan information on the items they want to buy which will then be custom picked & instantly shipped, often for arrival at the time the customer gets home..

Throughout the mall are kiosks which can issue receipts or where customers can cancel their orders if they change their mind.

The results are lower stock levels, lower shrink, lower staffing level requirements, no need to carry merchandise and higher impulse buying. 

Definitely one to watch consumers reactions on.

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