Project FOX – A Volkswagen Experience

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by: Sebastian Campion

In collaboration with MTV, Volkswagen is about to launch a 3 week-long lifestyle event in Copenhagen to promote the newest and youngest member of its family – the VW Fox.

The event, which is called 'Project Fox', brings together young hip designers, artists and cooks who have been invited to develop and implement their creative ideas at three 3 unique locations: a hotel, a factory building and an old warehouse. These locations will form a collective gastronomic and artistic stage for the public introduction of the VW Fox. 800 European journalists have been invited to witness the event that kicks off on April 2nd.

One of the more interesting aspects about the event and the locations, is the hotel, which has been totally redesigned by 21 different artists. Each of the 61 rooms will be a unique artwork in itself, and the plan is that Hotel FOX will live on after the actual event is over.

Tidbit: According to the organizers, Hotel Fox is a "completely new type of hotel, unparalleled in the world". If that is so, then Hotel Winston in Amsterdam is not of this world. Hotel Fox

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