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“See the bigger picture.”

Remember last week’s column on the outsider’s perspective? Here is another story about it from our work for the contact center of a car manufacturer. We reviewed their overall CX strategy (more on this topic later) and looked at the way they operated–from a customer perspective.

Knowing how often companies run on the“we always did it this way” principle, I asked as many “stupid questions” as I could. Why Do you do things this way? Which data informs these processes? Who actually does what? While the answers were mostly logical and sufficient, on quite a few occasions they weren’t. The biggest discovery was a miscalculation of the total time needed to handle a complaint. Average handling time by an agent was optimised to 25 minutes. But the time needed to deal with issues in the back office was ignored. In fact, solving acomplaint took over 100 minutes when handed over to multiple back-office employees, not the claimed 25. A few agents however refused to hand issues to back office and drop calls, and solved complaints by themselves. Shockingly, their total processing time was only 45 minutes. Plus, the customer data showed that callers appreciated such processes more than multiple handovers and endless repetitions of their complaints.

Are you asking “stupid questions” often enough? We can.

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