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“Take. Small. Steps.”

I have promised to share some worst practice stories here as well. Here you go: a “Death by PowerPoint” presentation to international management of a global payment organization. I was supposed to talk about CX topics in general, and Voice of the Customer specifically. I was so enthusiastic about the topic, I threw the whole encyclopaedia at them: 150 slides in one-and-a-half hours. I over ran my speaking time so badly, someone came onto the stage to clarify that I was the last thing standing between them and their dinner.

20 years later I still cringe from this memory. I seriously doubt any of those 100 international managers became enthusiasts for CX and VoC (if you have been there and don’t hate me, please call). I probably managed to kill off a few initiatives just by creating an impression of something large and overbearing. Nobody came to ask for my business card.

I did learn from it though. Don’t overwhelm your audience. Break the story of CX down into manageable pieces. Show concrete and practical applications. People in your company have enough on their plate to be overwhelmed by yet another massive project. Onboard them gently. Show why they should care, and what’s in it for them. And very importantly – how they specifically can contribute. This will spare you the humiliation, and frankly also save you from aburnout.

What are your painful stories?

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