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“What business are you actually in?

A buyer does not need a drill; they need a hole in the wall ”is a useful quote describing acustomer’s mental process. It led to creation of “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD) concept: a framework that helps you understand customer needs and value they are seeking. If you keep on thinkingin that direction, you may realise that a hole in the wall isn’t the end need either. The buyer wants to decorate their room. For that purpose, a sticky tape, a self-adhesive hook, or a small projector could be a better solution than a drill (because landlords🙄)

But you don’t need to look only at potential JTBDs. Sometimes, you need to realise which jobs you are ALREADY DOING. Two weeks ago, I talked about a publisher who we helped to create new cross-media business models. “We sell paper” was the mentality that brought them, and many other publishers, to the brink of existence. While the value of a national publication is in explaining the bigger world and helping readers form opinions, a value of a local newspaper lies in things much closer to the skin. Covering the results of children’s sports competitions, helping organize flea markets, connecting local business owners with potential clients…all the things that could be done without the paper but would never be possible without a trusted, proven partner that knew everyone and everything there. The publisher was not in the paper business, it was in the business of social cohesion.

What business are you actually in? Think twice.

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