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“Think Change, not CX.”

In my previous column I touched upon the topic of burnout. It was a self-joke, but the more I think about it, the more I realise that the threat is real. I have seen so many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people enter the CX industry only to meet them a few years later bitter and disappointed. Many leave the field entirely. I don’t see the same movement in adjacent industries of market research or technology. What could be the reasons?

In my very humble opinion, one of the key reasons lies in the misconception that companies want to change for their customers. They don’t. They are successful because they are optimised around themselves, the needs of the business, and the key stakeholders. Customers aren’t either of these. Most companies will not think about them unless they start actively losing profits. This situation positions the CX Manager between the management that demands growth from CX initiatives (Where are those loyal customers you promised?), and the rest of the organisation that does business as usual and has little reason for change. After a couple of years of this sandwich management, CX people are often left exhausted and disappointed.

I strongly believe that we should finally admit that CX and VoC are change management programmes, and people working in these fields should get proper change management training. I will continue cover this topic in several following columns, but I would like to hear your thoughts!

Are you a change manager?

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