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“Numbers don’t take decisions, leaders do.”

One of our clients is very numbers oriented in their CX approach. Whenever we discuss their Voice of the Customer (VoC)results, they want to look at all possible cross-sections: by segment, by brand, by day of the week that their customers birthday falls on, you name it. I am obviously joking, but it represents what we often get at companies: the more numbers, the better. At some point I realized: as long as they keep analyzing, they don’t need to make decisions. Decisions run the risk of making mistakes, taking action runs the risk of doing the wrong thing. Luckily, at the end of the day this company does take action; amongst other things–by focusing very well on individual customers and their feedback (remember the Steel company in column 77?).

Many companies, and many individual managers do not manage to overcome this barrier and get stuck in data flood instead of focusing on taking action. Taking action at both the individual client level and the team/company level with a more strategic view is the ONLY way to get ROI out of a VoC programme.

Do you succumb to analysis paralysis, or are you action focused?


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