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“Question (almost) everything.”

Are you innovating “a faster horse”?A few years ago, I worked with the world leader in logistics supplies. They wanted to refresh their innovation process. Until then they typically interviewed all their customers once a year with a 200-question-long survey and held co-creation sessions with some of them. The process worked as such(although that questionnaire still makes me shudder). Unfortunately, they were creating insights and innovations in a very narrow field of vision this way. We needed to upend the process and see what was beyond the standard operations. Once we started looking up- and downstream, it turned out that their market had much more potential. Producers and farmers need ways to get their products to market in better ways. Clients had changing needs. Consumers wanted more information about where their food and goods came from.

We developed a new insights generation and ideation process for them. It effectively “forced” those looking to innovate to look outside their typical sources for new ideas. We helped them talk to consumers and stakeholders previously outside of their view. Together, we turned their feedback into insights, and then into viable ideas. At every stage gate we provided tools and sources to look for fresh insights to create, combine, and validate ideas and business cases. Suddenly their field of vision had gone from narrow to ultrabroad, and a whole new world of ideas opened up to them.

Does your innovation have a broad view, or do you always focus on your same old stuff?


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