Futurelab's founder has participated in the special report – "Human Truths in a Time of Coronavirus"

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The partner and founder of Futurelab, Stefan Kolle has participated in a special report by McCann Worldgroup, in which he shared how he’s changed his mind in the past year when it comes to the human truth of security. 
Whether you’re a believer in lockdowns or a believer in vaccines, the decisions we’re seeing are being driven by impulse: a headline in the newspaper in the morning and everybody outside the UK stops AstraZeneca vaccinations. Scientifically, it’s complete nonsense but people don’t have the time to really think about things. Suddenly, there’s this constant risk awareness. We suddenly experienced this external shock that the Black Swan people were predicting but none of us really accepted. So what if other shocks come? How do we deal with that loss of security? If nothing else, we start sketching out scenarios and how you deal with them. We do this for our customers, but we also do that for ourselves.
His answer is part of a special series of reports by McCann Worldgroup. In “Human Truths in a Time of Coronavirus”, McCann Worldgroup have explored how the fundamental human truths have been reassessed by people around the world and how brands, businesses, and organisations can respond to this change in a meaningful way. You can read the whole article on their website.