Futurelab launches QuickPulse – stay on top of the needs of your customers

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While we are all adapting to the new (hopefully temporary) situation it is more important than ever to keep taking the pulse of your customers.

You are shifting your contact center, your opening hours, your product portfolio and all the other things you need to do to adapt – but do you know how your customers feel about it? Are you focusing your attention where they feel it should be going?

The one lesson we learned from the financial crisis is that in uncertain times, customers are not likely to engage with new companies – but they are not less likely to stop current relationships if they feel treated badly. See the article I wrote about this.

We noticed that some of our customers are struggling with this – because they don’t have a voice of the customer programme in place yet, or their existing programme is too unwieldy to quickly adapt. 

We have put together a package that allows you to have results within 10 business days, making sure you can immediately react to their (shifting) needs, or correct where you briefly dropped the ball.  

Finally this will help you be ready to fully re-launch once you are able to do so. 

Here is our QuickPulse offer, at a reduced price to allow you to quickly decide – and we can be up and running within a few days.

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