How this brand doubled their sales by listening to their customers

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Could asking two simple questions actually help double your sales?

Absolutely. Here’s a real-world case that proves it. And it just happens to be my favourite case of all.

It’s a story of a premium grill brand you most likely know – Weber Grills. In a period of just 3 years, they’ve doubled their sales. 

How did they do it? By adapting their marketing to their best customers’ PERCEPTION (even if it sounds illogical)

Check out the full story:

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When done right, NPS can boost both your organization’s results, and make you into an internal hero. I hope this example helped you to recognise the opportunities for your situation. 

If you are still struggling to clearly identify the opportunities, quick wins and a path to get there, feel free to reach out for us for a complimentary consultation. Just send us an email at and we can arrange the time for the discussion. 

In the meantime, I wish you lots of happy customers! 

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