So You Want to Be a CCXP…

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Are you looking to earn your CCXP this year?

I get a lot of questions every week from customer experience professionals who are interested in taking the CCXP exam but aren’t sure how to prepare for it. There’s a website for the exam with a lot of details and resources; it now also includes a document that lists books, whitepapers, websites, etc. that you can read to help you prepare.

But there’s no substitution for experience and having done the work.

As such, you need to make sure you’re qualified to take the exam. You don’t need to be a CXPA member to sit for the test, but you have to meet the following qualifications: you must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of full-time experience in a customer experience role or have five years of experience if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

Once you’ve determined eligibility, you’ll go through the application process and get approved to take the exam.

To study for the exam, check out the resources listed on the site, including training providers who offer courses that teach exam content. As I mentioned, the latest addition to the site is an Exam Resource Guide that provides just that. It includes many of the books that I typically recommend for exam prep:

  • Outside In by Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine
  • Thee Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld
  • The Ultimate Question 2.0 by Fred Reichheld
  • Answering the Ultimate Question by Dr. Laura Brooks
  • Chief Customer Officer by Jeanne Bliss
  • Chief Customer Officer 2.0 by Jeanne Bliss
  • Driven to Delight by Joseph Michelli
  • Everybody Matters by Bob Chapman


There are a lot of other great books to read, but you should have these in your library, for sure.

Also, check out Michael Bartlett’s CCXP Exam Simulator and his CCXP Exam Preparation book. I’ve heard these are pretty good.

Hopefully this is helpful and points you in the right direction. Good luck with the exam!

Disclosure: I’m an active member of the CXPA. I am Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, a CX Expert, a CX Mentor, and involved in the CXPA SoCal Network. And, of  course, I’m a CCXP.

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