Memo to HR Dept: 'Are our workplaces suitable for older workers?". Response: No idea.

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Aviva has been researching the intentions of older Brits to continue working.

What did they find? More than half (55%) of over-50s workers have concerns around work and its impact on their health as they age, with women (61%) most worried about this.

Aviva calls for more support from employers as only 14% older workers say their workplace culture is positive towards them

Fewer than one in five (17%) over-50s workers say they have access to wellbeing advice and initiatives in the workplace which could help prevent health issues from impacting their careers.

Health concerns jar with plans to work for longer as one in ten expect never to retire

You get the message? People have to work longer and employers are clueless about what it means to their employment policies and the conditions of the workplace.

If you substitute ‘marketplace’ for ‘workplace’ you get the same result. The effects of physiological ageing are common between older workers and consumers.

At least marketers can do something about – like going to Not sure what HR people do?  Probably put it at the bottom of their ‘To Do List’ and hope it goes away. Dick Stroud

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