10 Questions to Assess Your Brand

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Are you building your brand the way great brands do?  Today I’m introducing a series of 10 one-minute videos, each covering a question that you can use to assess whether or not you are getting the full value out of your brand.  Below is the first question, which is about the gap between your brand promise and what you actually deliver.  For the next 9 days, I will release another video with another question.  In a total of just 10 minutes, you will get 10 questions to assess your brand.

These 10 questions cover everything from how spending on your brand is viewed at your organization to how well aligned your key brand stakeholders are and how well your customer experience conveys your brand identity.  Once you assess your current brand-building efforts, you’ll have a better sense of how to improve.  If you’re a Type A, over-achiever like me, you can skip ahead and take the complete assessment in one setting here.  But the videos contain nuggets of insights and implications, so don’t miss out on them.

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Here’s Brand Assessment Question #1:

Brand Assessment Q1 by Denise Lee Yohn

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P.S. If you’ve taken my assessment before, you’ll notice that I’ve updated it slightly.  I’m always learning about the best brand-building strategies and the best ways to assess brands, so I want to share with you the most up-to-date approaches.

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