If the customer experience is so important why don't companies take it seriously?

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Kim Walker and I have been banging on about the pathetic way that most companies manage the customer experience to account for older consumers. We have written the book on the subject and produced the software that enables companies to measure and improve the usability for how they serve older customers.

Yet still they get it wrong.

Last week there was an article in Marketing Week that explained the confusion that exists over who is responsible for the  customer experience.

Businesses are increasingly using customer experience to differentiate their brand yet 30% of senior leaders are confused about who should take ownership of it.

McKinsey published a paper Digitizing customer journeys and processes: Stories from the front lines

This paper echoed the Marketing Week article and detailed, what seems to be an insurmountable difficulty, for companies to implement change over multiple silos in the business.

The customer experience issue is just one of the many things that needs to be addressed if companies want to respond to the ageing of their customers. Unfortunately, there is a mismatch between the magnitude and scope of adaption that is required and how most companies are organised.

As large companies grind along, desperately attempting to change, it provides a great opportunity for small businesses to lead the way. Dick Stroud

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