7 pragmatic initiatives for CX in 2017

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If you are among the specialists, working in the field of customer experience, you know that once the initiatives of your company have reached a certain level of maturity the next steps are getting trickier and trickier. In some cases the next level of the CX of your company even looks like mission impossible. This may sound a little discouraging. But like someone has once said – there is always a way when there is a will. 

Here is a list with 7 pragmatic initiatives to help you, which we at Futurelab have identified during our more than 10 years’ experience. Pragmatic, because they can be done within a few months, and at a reasonable budget. Impactful, because the results can be immediately turned into action.

  1. Check the health of your CX program. This step could be easily done with our Customer Experience Maturity Assessment, which allows you to quickly and easily get an idea where the weakest spots of your program are.

  2. Update your Business Case. This step is a must.  The reason is that the mantra “Happy customers have higher value for the company” is easy to learn and repeat, but often a bit hard to prove. Sometimes reality is just more complex: numbers don’t quite add up, segments are tough to define, prioritisation is unclear. We can help you with our Business Case Update product. It gets the people back into the Business Case, because it needs to inspire action. Makes the case specifically for your company rather than for the whole industry in general. And gets deeper understanding of Word of Mouth and its financial implications.

  3. Fine-tune your Voice of Customer program. Our VoC Calibrate is a rapid audit that brings our expertise directly into your VoC programme. We work alongside with your team to find out what’s working and what’s not. Listening to your customers is only part of it. We’ll show you how to build a truly effective, fully embedded, action-oriented VoC programme.

  4. Close the loop on unhappy customers. Closing the loop with the unhappy customers is a cornerstone of any great CX programme. But the actual execution of the closed loop is often challenging. Our Development and Training for the closed loop execution combines producing thorough guidelines, as well as developing behavioural standards, and training your team members.

  5. Get the whole company on board: transform your people & culture. Driving Customer Centric initiatives through an organisation is not possible without aligning the efforts with the human capital. Our People & Culture Program is aimed towards nurturing the right behaviours, and bringing out leadership in your team in order to maximise the impact of your initiatives.

  6. Turn your passive clients into passionate advocates. When you’re already so focused on making CX into business as usual, how do you make sure you can delight your customers continuously, without fear that competition will get on your ideas or dropping in profit? Advocacy Moments is a program for setting up a process of developing a non-stopping stream of ideas for those moments that would make your customers go “Wow!”. Without breaking the bank.

  7. Get to know your Promoter Personas and how to really activate them. You have probably heard it a few times already: “Not all promoters are created equal”. We have made a few steps beyond just talking about it, and developed a methodology that allows to identify the different types, or Personas, amongst your most passionate customers; understand what makes their hearts beat faster, and how to engage with them in the way they would think appropriate. All that so that you can finally hear the very desirable “I have recommended!” instead of theoretical “I would”.

If you are ready to take your CX to the next level in 2017 learn more about these 7 pragmatic initiatives or just give us a call.