Are you happy with your VoC or NPS programs?

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Creating a working Voice of Customer program is not a simple task. You think of just starting to ask a few questions and nudging a few people in the right direction, and it seems fairly easy in the beginning, but then things start to get complicated. How do you prove that the questions you are asking are actually reflecting the situation? Why should the company pay for a separate questionnaire, while there is a perfectly fine 20-page-long annual marketing survey? Technology costs how much? Can’t we just use a (enter any free software name here) for that?

Even when the original setup is finished, and the ship is going, it isn’t getting easier. You see some positive change and some early signs of growth. However, you also see there is room for improvement. Change is not easy. Some of the biggest issues for any VoC and NPS practitioner are part of the internal environment. Buy-in remains hard. People need motivation. Leadership wants results. Proving the program’s ROI gets more difficult as the program grows and becomes more expensive. According to our colleagues at Customer Gauge, about 50% of all customer experience specialists are not happy with their programs. The founding father of NPS® Fred Reichheld has been heard mentioning that up to 70% of all Net Promoter systems were not implemented correctly and fail to bring the expected results.

After having launched quite a few NPS transformation programs and ran hundreds of CX surveys, we at Futurelab Research have noticed that the problems any VoC program meets are quite common. To not shout in the dark, we have developed a VoC program improvement approach. It works for both small and massive programs; any metric you use (for NPS practitioners, we have an added methodology block). The solutions will depend on the maturity of your CX program, and of course on the effort you want (and can) put into the continuous improvement of CX.

The tool is further substantiated with a self-assessment survey, with which every company could assess its VoC / NPS efforts. It takes just 15 minutes to answer to our 20 questions. In return for your knowledge and time you will receive insights into your business and VoC / NPS programs. Armed with them you will be able to improve your approach and to answer to the constant changing in the 21st century customer desires and demands. You will receive also a benchmark report, which will be ready in April 2017, so you can compare your VoC or NPS program to many others. 

The beta version of the self-assessment survey already covers dozens of client projects and research initiatives affecting over 40 countries and hundreds of executives. With their help we are launching now a better and improved version.

Assess your efforts now and participate in our VoC Calibrate Questionnaire.

If you want to learn more about NPS and Voice-of-Customer Programs in B2B – check the ultimate guide, which we have created, based on our 15 years experience and real life examples. 

*Disclaimer: Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter System, and NPS are trademark of Satmetrix Inc., Bain and Co., and Fred Reichheld.