Is Your Company Suffering from Morbus Digitalis

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Mark Ritson defines this condition of Morbus Digitalis as: “An overstimulated, often hallucinogenic, imagination when it comes to the business potential of social media.”

His article in Marketing Week is hilarious as he dissects the way that Gap  – you know the US clothes retailer – has become obsessed with all things digital to the detriment of other marketing channels.

To be honest I don’t really know how effective social media is with young people. All my instincts tell me that it is not half as good as its obsessed proponents believe.

What I do know for sure that it is of marginal use with older consumers. Sure there are lots of my peer group, like me, who use all the main social media platforms, but I can guarantee that it has very little impact on my brand awareness, buying decision or anything else that can loosely be considered to be marketing.

My fear is the condition is contagious and spread by echo chamber effect of only experiencing views.

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