A High Tech 'Ageing Experience' like You Have Never Seen Before

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MIT AgeLab’s Agnes (Age Gain Now Empathy System) was brilliant at generating PR for the organisation. How useful it was in reality and how much good it did  – I don’t know. But what a terrific way to promote the message about ageing (and MITAge Lab).

Genworth must be hoping that their Ageing Experience is going to do the same thing. It certainly makes Agnes look like something from the last century.

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I will always applaud any organisation that raises the issue of physiological ageing and creates a tool to illustrate why it is such an important issue.

For the last 3 years, Kim Walker and I have been talking with companies about these issues and showing how it is possible to systematically appraise all of the touchpoints in the customer journey to measure their suitability for all ages of customers. We call it Lifetime CX and we use some pretty fancy technology, but it doesn’t require dressing up like a Borg Drone or Darth Vader. It could be fun to try!!

Our workshops illustrate all of the physiological factors that Genworth’s R70i is seeking to illustrate but I bet the way we do it costs a great deal less.

That all said, it is great to see another company joining with us in demonstrating why it is vital for companies to understand how ageing impacts all facets of the customer experience. 

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