Don’t Let Your Marketing Ruin Your Content

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 says that “consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing“ and touts content as a “strategic marketing approach that can attract and retain audiences” and “drive profitable customer action.”

 content is crap. Nobody calls anything good, like an Oscar winning film or a hit song, content. The concept mostly exists as a fantasy in the minds of strategic planners who want to replace paid media with long-form ads on media assets they own and control.

 shift their mental models to think less like carnival barkers and more like publishers.

Creating Experiences Rather Than Crafting Messages

 essentially a promise. When a customer goes to a store or brings a product home, they expect it to deliver on that promise consistently. If their expectations are exceeded and they get more than they bargained for, great, but for the most part people don’t like to be surprised. They want to know what they’re getting for their money.

 shift from crafting messages to creating experiences and that’s a tall order. It means that we need to leave behind how we’ve come to think about traditional campaigns and adopt a different approach to brand publishing.

Great Stories Don’t Come Wrapped In A Bow

 David Mitchell, author of bestsellers like Cloud Atlas, points out that we find characters like Darth Vader more interesting than more one dimensional ones like Superman because they lack moral clarity. It is that ambiguity that makes them interesting and provokes thought and discussion.

 Creativity Inc., Pixar CEO Ed Catmull writes that every story starts out as an “ugly baby.” It takes care and patience to transform those ugly babies into hit movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Inside Out. Characters take on multiple dimensions, the plot weaves through twists and turns and we make new discoveries along the way.

 the power of story. We want to see how it ends because we genuinely don’t know how things will turn out. Instead of a canned, linear sequence of events, we enter an unfamiliar world that surprises us and teaches us something.

Don’t Manage Stories, Advocate For Them

Value Your Mission Over Your Metrics

 Coke’s sustainability blog is unlikely to rival the audience of Nike’s Lebron James video, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a great way to for Coke communicate its commitment and share its experience.

 value you have to offer the world, uncover stories that deliver that value and tell them well.


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