2016 Should Be an Amazing Year for Social Media but Please Remember the Digitally Floundering Consumer

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A train journey gives you a chance to catch-up on all those ‘trends for 2016’ newsletters.

I have just been reading the one from Econsultancy about the ’11 pivotal social media trends’ for 2016.

Fascinating stuff. My good grief there is some interesting developments in the pipeline. I just cannot wait to see how the Facebook investment in Oculus Rift will play out in 2016 when the product is launched and how it fits with 360 Degree Videos and so on and so on…


I then suddenly thought that whilst this stuff fascinates me it will leave 99% of the 60+ age group ice cold (well maybe 97.5% of them). As I enthuse to my friends about some new aspect of streaming or video they look at me as if I am crazy. These are all people who are laden down with their smartphones and tablets, not the 15% of the UK adult population that not connected to the Internet.

Sure, in the fullness of time, these new digital goodies will become mainstream and relevant but that is going to take some time.

I just hope the young marketers reading all of these predictions do keep in mind ‘Joe and Joanna Average’, especially their parents and grandparents.

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