Being Age-neutral to Workers and Consumers Has a Lot in Common

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This article in Technology Review gives a good account of the issues facing older workers (Aging workers, new technology).

Just ponder this for a moment:

In 1992, less than 3% of the American workforce consisted of people aged 65+.

Today that proportion has nearly doubled (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and it’s expected to reach over 8.0% by early in the 2020s. Most of these 13.5 million older workers will be between 65 and 74, but nearly 2.6 million will be 75 and over.

Just in the same way as you have to modify all of the touchpoints in the customer journey to respond to consumer ageing so you need to do the same in the workplace.

Few if any organisations understand what is about to happen to the makeup of their workforce. Same story for their customers.

This article gives some great examples of some companies who see this as a business opportunity. There is money to be made in ageing both in catering for older consumers and older workers.

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