Customer Service Research – One More Time!

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Yes, it’s that time of the year.

The (now) fourth version of this wonderful research on Customer Service Usage and Adoption report is coming back!

I know, I know. Hard to contain your excitement… me too.

Here’s the scoop. I have been running this report for the past three years under the sponsorship of KANA (née Sword Ciboodle) but the new leadership at Verint decided against creating fresh, unique content and instead wanted to focus their energy somewhere else.

I wished them well, and set out to find another sponsor. As you know, I ask people to pay for my vices (doing research) in exchange for access to fresh content. Works quite well, and helps me do the research I want to do (everything is my choice, including final veto). You benefit by getting data that is not available elsewhere.

Among the many interested vendors I talked to, there was one that was the most interesting given our relationship and their status in the market. After a short back-and-forth the Salesforce Service Cloud team has become the new sponsor. Thanks, many, again.

Everything else remains the same: questions about usage, adoption, trends, and new things. In addition to continuing asking about traditional contact centre channels and technologies (including social) we are adding this year questions on mobile, communities, and even — nah, you will have to take it to find out…

As you know we discovered in past years the data that backed up the assertions that:

·         Chat has become the fastest rising channel

·         Customer Service is becoming operationalized

·         Social is lacking results that prove its value

There were others, like when we first reported massive adoption of Facebook and Twitter – before anyone else, and many more. But I don’t want to repeat the past findings – rather find the new ones.

Here is the link. You will spend 20-25 minutes of your time answering the 21 questions (plus a few demographics) and you will get a copy of the results in return. Also, invited to a webinar to share all results – and if you happen to attend Dreamforce 2015 in a few weeks you get access to the original, fresh, new content that will come from this research.

Nothing to lose, all to win – what do you say?

Take the survey?

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