Marketing by Key Moments – Another Name for Goal Centred Marketing?

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This article by Google is all about the key moments in our life when we want something to happen and we grab our mobile and look for the answers. As Google puts it:

We turn to our phones with intent and expect brands to deliver immediate answers. It’s in these I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy moments that decisions are made and preferences are shaped.

I had to smile when I read the article (I recommend you do as well) because it is talking about one of the basics of marketing to older consumers. The thing that works best for oldies, and so it would seem from Google for their grandchildren as well, is goal centred navigation.

Isn’t amusing the way old ideas fade from view and then are repackaged and presented as the latest thinking. It doesn’t matter if you call it goal centred or key moments you would do well to use it to improve your customer experience.

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