How a third part service can ruin your customers’ satisfaction

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As customers of the modern world we are used to the online shopping. It is an easy way to get what we want – easy, fast and even cheaper. But that don’t mean that we are not choosey and that we can be easily satisfied.

Just the opposite. The more we use the advantages of this service, the more quality we want. This is the reason why we, as entrepreneurs, should invest not only in our services, but also in the services, which our contractors and partners offer and which our customers associate with us and our products.

Imagine the situation in which you are a customer, who wants to buy special clothes for biking. You can find those articles in big stores for sports equipment or if you want something really special – in little specialized shops, with little number of real places and typically an online shop. You have found what you wanted, with the exact specifications, quality and price and are you are just in the end of your journey as customer. Now you have only to wait for your desired products.

Here comes the external service – your delivery company. They deliver the clothes in time, but in a wrong hour or day, to a wrong person (for example your wife, for who this was a surprise), or in poor quality of the package. The result is that even the customer was happy with his choice and your products, he is not very satisfied with the whole service in the end and probably will try to find another provider for the next time.

Not every company could invest in proper delivery system or sub-company, but you can always invest in regular communication with your external contractors and even organize trainings for their employees – online or in personal. And this is not valid only for online shops, it is valid for all companies, who are using third firms for contact with customers. Remember that often the investment in their presentation, is investment in your own quality and the satisfaction of your customers.